About Bronwyn

First and foremost, I am wife and Mum of 3 gorgeous girls.  I have totally created my business around my family life.  I have found this pretty easy to do because I absolutely love my work.  I work odd hours, early mornings, weekends, nights so I can spend time just hanging out with the family.  It is so important to have a work life balance that I can cope with. Which leads me to talk about my story.  

After studying marketing and business management, I went on to an extensive career working with big organisations in  fields of sales and marketing.  I have worked for large brands like Qantas airways where I spent many years learning the ropes of sales, marketing and market research.  I have also worked in Government departments where I helped large regional tourism organisations and small businesses with their marketing.  It was doing all of this that I realised that the basic marketing principles big business uses can be very easily adapted to small businesses.

I formed my own consultancy where I started to work with small businesses like bed and breakfast operators, shops and retail outlets, farm stays, small regional food producers and horseback riding operators just to name a few. I also worked with Government, regional and local councils to help educate the local businesses about marketing.  I did this all through workshops and developing marketing plans for small businesses.

I had a stint of going back to work for a large organisation ‘part time’ after I had my twins.  I discovered quickly that part time was really a full time job crammed into 3 days.  I realised that I am definitely not a super Mum, I just couldn’t cope with the demands of a large organisation and managing my family.  I was stressed, my family was stressed and I thought, what am I doing here? I thought, there must be something easier for me to do.

So, I went back to doing what I love best, being a happy relaxed Mum.  And I reignited my consultancy helping small businesses with their marketing, researching and marketing travel and working with not for profit organisations.

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  1. Bronwyn White
    6 years ago

    Hey Patrick
    Was great to meet you. Yes, 3 daughters is a worry….I though you were a bit grey for your age. Bron

  2. Hi Bronwyn,

    It was great meeting you yesterday at the Inner West Business Expo at Homebush!

    I noted that you have 3 daughters as well same here.

    Let’s keep in touch.