Google +1 For Small Business

Google+ is the new social network launched by Google and is a great way to boost your website when marketing for small business. It’s the fastest growing social network , with over a billion pageviews per month already.

So what makes it different from all the others? And how can it help your business?

There are two main features that set Google+ apart from Facebook: Circles and Hangouts.

Circles: What They Are and How to Use Them

Circles are like friends groups. You choose what groups to put people in without them knowing what group you’ve placed them in. You can then choose to share things with people in certain circles, without other people in other circles seeing it.

Let’s say you run two or more businesses, like I do. I can put all my small business and travel research customers into their respective groups. You’ll then be able to share updates to one group without the other seeing.

Circles also solves another problem many professionals have had with Facebook. You want to be able to share photos and status updates with your friends, but not necessarily with your professional contacts. So your clients need not see your less flattering photos on the weekends after too many drinks.

Circles makes this very easy. You can share just about anything with whoever you want and hide it from whoever you want.

Hangouts for Video Conferencing

There are many video conferencing programs online. However, by and large every single one of them is paid and often quite expensive. Google+ changes all that. Google+ makes video conferences completely free, backed by Google engineered technology, this is a great tool for small business.

You can have any number of people join a Google+ hangout. You can invite people one by one, or you can open a hangout to an entire group of people who can join at will.

You can share YouTube videos. You can type text into a chat box. The speed of the service doesn’t slow down no matter how many people you have on it.

In short, the Google+ Hangouts makes it easy to hold video webinars as well as video conferences with co-workers and business partners.

Is Google+ Here to Stay?

It looks like it, it has grown at a great rate, faster than any other social media network we have seen.  And backed by Google, it is a great product.

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