How to Create Positive Word of Mouth

Research has shown time and time again, word-of-mouth marketing is the most powerful and profitable marketing tool for small business.  Best of all, it is absolutely free.  By creating strong word of mouth referrals, you will create a powerful business model guaranteed to drive business success and profits through a band of loyal followers.   Be prepared to excel in everything you do in business, particularly customer service.

Here are a few examples that can help you drive your  word-of-mouth success and improve on your marketing for small business.

Provide a Compelling Product or Service.  If something is really, truly different, people are going to talk about it.  This means you need to position your product or service so that it is distinctly positioned in the market.  You need to provide something that sets you apart from your competitors and provides a reason for customers to choose your product or service over others.  And, do it well.

Extraordinary Human Interactions and Customer Service. One of the most important drivers of drive word-of-mouth marketing for small business is human interactions.  This works for both positive and negative interactions.  Beware that if you provide poor customer service, customers are far more likely to talk about it than if it meets or exceeds expectations.  If you work hard to exceed customer expectations through exceptional customer service, you will be duly rewarded.  People not only tell friends and family, but they also talk on the Internet through blogs, chats, Twitter and Facebook.  And remember, every customer touch point will effect how customers perceive your brand.

“I Think Person XYZ Will Really Like This”.  Another core thing that drives word of mouth is the “I really think Susie will love this” mentality. Friends are always on the lookout for friends. If your product, service, article or blog post is really written so it will help other people out, chances are friends will pass it along to friends, particularly through social media.

Different Formats.  Different people like to share different kinds of things. Some people like to share and talk about contests. Others like to share and talk about videos. Still others love funny graphics, while others will only share strictly educational material they think friends will love.  If possible, don’t just appeal to one kind of person. Create your word-of-mouth marketing so that it will appeal to a wide range of people.

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