Marketing Courses

I develop courses and workshops designed to take the mystery out of marketing for small businesses. I also promote other courses that I feel you can benefit from.   My focus is always on cost effective but results based methods that you can readily apply to your business.

Niche Profit Classroom  is the very first course I did on Internet Marketing and I am still a member today.  If you want to learn how to earn money online, easily build websites, earn passive incomes or just learn what is on the cutting edge of marketing techniques overall in very simple and plain language, this membership site is for you. I love NPC and highly recommend you sign up. I am serious, I went from NO internet experience to having many businesses online because of Adam Short.

How to Market for Small Business is a course run by one of the most genuine, lovely ladies I have come across in cyber space – Connie Ragen- Green.  For those in the more advanced stages of marketing for small business or those wanting to help small businesses with marketing via consultancy services, the course is straight forward and easy to understand.  Best if you have some marketing or Internet background.

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