Your Simple 5 Step Marketing Strategy for 2017

As a small business, we are all suffering from information and trend overload.  Coupled with that, your time is limited.  This is why we have put together 5 ultimate marketing actions designed to increase your revenue and long term online presence – if you do them.

Focus on these 5 key marketing activities and you will be well on your way to building a strong brand and business that will make both your customers and search engines happy!

Marketing has transformed, and 2017 is the year to adjust…or be left in the dark ages. Marketing and branding are both closely tied to internet search. In the world of ‘semantic’ search that all major search engines like Google use, everything you do and say on the web from now on will impact on your brand and your search results.

The difference between the old days of two years ago and now is that you have two types of customers to impress with your strong brand: clients and Google. And if you confuse your potential customers and Google with a weak fragmented brand, both will go elsewhere. They won’t be able to figure you out.

Three Qualities you MUST have: Trust, Reputation & Authority (TRA)

Your ultimate goal over the year is to build trust, reputation and authority in the eyes of the search engines and your customers.

There are opportunities now that we will never have again. It is about creating a depth and wisdom to your brand that only trust, reputation and authority can deliver. To deliver these key elements successfully, it is going to take one key ingredient – consistent delivery over time of the tasks mentioned below. And luckily, we are at the beginning small businessof our internet revolution.

Because we are at the beginning of the switch to semantic search algorithms and broadly speaking, ‘The Internet revolution,’ you are well primed to create what David Amerland; author of Semantic Search refers to as Trust, Reputation and Authority.

You need to have these three key ingredients as part of your online brand in order for Google and other search engines to consider your website when it presents pages and sites to a customer.

These are the key ingredients for you to create and build on. They affect both your online and offline brand. Without these things, the search engines will not take you seriously and will not present you in a customer search query.

And more importantly, without these things, customers or clients will not buy from you.

When customers search for goods, services or even holidays, they turn to the Internet. Google will only present pages and websites it trusts, deems to be of good reputation, and which seem to have authority in their ‘niche.’

Internet search is the one constant tool people turn to for research, reviews and inspiration when they are thinking of buying.  It is the new word of mouth.

Marketing small businessWhat Contributes to Trust, Reputation & Authority?

1. Content, and lots of it – fresh, continuous and of variety

The only way your customers and potential customers are going to find you on the Internet via search is with content. If you don’t have content, customers will not find you. It is that simple. This is generally the answer I give people when they ask me why they should focus on content marketing.

Your content should be genuinely useful, shared and commented on, and on your social media platforms. Your followers should be engaged and you should be having meaningful conversations with them.  In a sense, it is no different from when you deal with customers face-to-face.

2. Strong brandMarketing small business

This means not trying to be all things to everyone. It means strong marketing and consistently talking to your well developed and evidence-based personas or segments.

Weak brands that are fragmented and inconsistent are hard for customers and Google to trust. You won’t be found.

Your brand is who you are.  Think about the people and businesses you want to connect with: you want to know who they are.  If you wouldn’t deal with a brand you didn’t trust, why do you think YOUR potential customers would?

3. Mobile

Moblie marketing small business

Plan totally for mobile. More people are searching on mobile than ever before, and are often more likely to search on mobile than on a desktop. And now, Google are penalising those websites that aren’t mobile friendly.

The Internet and Google has changed the way our potential customers find us and what information they will receive, and in doing so, has profoundly changed how we need to market our businesses and manage our online presence.



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